The Joker has probably killed the more people in the DC Universe in single acts than any other villain. This list counts the number of casualties.

The Emperor Joker storyline is excluded because in it he killed the entire universe and Batman multiple times, but thankfully, it was all undone. Also excluded are animals he kills.

+ means unaccounted victims

New Earth Edit

Total for New Earth: 134+

Prime Earth Edit

  • Batgirl Vol 4 14: Kills 19+ people in a bowling alley : 19+
  • Batgirl Vol 4 15: Kills 3+ people in a bowling alley: 3+
  • Batgirl Vol 4 16: 0
  • Batman Annual Vol 2 3: Kills 2 Henchmen, "Danny", 2 people in a jailbreak, and 17 people in a TV studio: 22 but they don't count to the total because they are already taken into account in the count Batman gives in Detective Comics 1.
  • Batman Vol 2 17: 0
  • Detective Comics Vol 2 1: Kills a member of Dollmaker's Family, 3+ Police officers and it is revealed that he has killed 116+ people by this point.: 4+ and 116+ before.

Total for Prime Earth: 142+

Earth-One Edit

Total of Earth-One: 15

Earth-Two Edit

Total of Earth-Two: 4

Earth-22 Edit

  • Kingdom Come 2: Revealed to have killed 93 people, including Lois Lane.: 93

Total of Earth-22: 93

Flashpoint Edit

Total for Flashpoint: 1


Total for DCAU: 23+

L'il Leaguers Edit

Total for L'il Leaguers: 3

Dark Joker Edit

Total for Dark Joker: 14+

Grand Total: 479+ Edit