The Fake Hand is a gag used by The Joker. He uses it as a decoy for his real hand for a variety of effects.

  • In Tim Burton's Batman (1989) Joker uses the fake hand to trick Vicki Vale into letting go of the Gotham Cathedral and falling to her death. It doesn't work, but Joker still finds it hilarious.
  • In the B:TAS episode "Christmas with the Joker", Joker uses a jacket with two fake arms to escape Batman's grip.
  • In Batman: Gotham Adventures #1, Joker is handcuffed in the Batcave to protect him from the bounty that was being offered for his death. At one point when Batgirl is keeping an eye on him, Joker reveals that he's cuffed to the railing with a Fake Hand, saying that he could've escaped at any time, but was just waiting until he thought it would be funny. He then uses the hand as a bludgeoning weapon to beat Batgirl into submission and tries to escape the Batcave. He's quickly stopped when an unseen Alfred Pennyworth knocks him unconscious.
  • In the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Game Over for Owlman", Joker uses two fake hands to immediately escape the handcuffs that Batman had put him in. (He also pulls out some dynamite and a bottle of poison from his right sleeve)
  • In Injustice: Gods Among Us #5, Green Arrow has Harley Quinn handcuffed in the Arrow Cave and tells her not to try the Fake Hand bit if she has one, since she's safer in there than anywhere else. Harley tells him that the Fake Hand was always Joker's gag, not hers, and that she has a fake mustache instead  (which turns out to be a lock pick).
  •  In "The World According to the Joker" by Matthew K. Manning, Joker lists the fake hand among his "wonderful toys". He says it's for when Batman tries to save him from falling off a skyscraper  (he's self-sufficient, thank you very much).