Batman 67
Batman #67
Publication Information
Published October 1951
Executive Editor Whitney Ellsworth
Cover Artist(s) Win Mortimer; Bob Kane (Inside art)
Writer(s) David Reed
Inker(s) Charles Paris
Letterer(s) None
Editor(s) Whitney Ellsworth
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Batman #67 is an American comic book, released in October of 1951.

"The Man Who Wrote the Joker's Jokes!Edit


The Joker is extremely frustrated - he has been brainstorming for three weeks, and has come up with no new ideas for crimes. The Clown Prince of Crime scorns how entertainment such as television, comics, and so forth are never his equal as a clown, yet never run out of material, when a realization dawns on him - they never run out of material because they hire an endless amount of people to write gags for them. After a quick trip to a radio studio to show his henchmen his intentions, Joker sends out word that he is hiring "writers" to dream up schemes for him.

Dozens of potential "writers" show up at the Joker's intended meeting place, but in the end, the Joker chooses three in particular whom he believes to be a cut above the rest. He first tries out the scheme that a man named Dooly has written for him, which involves a parade next week that leads up to the entrance of a carnival. During the week leading up to the parade, the Joker sends multiple threats to rob the carnival, prompting Commissioner Gordon to warn Batman and Robin of his plots.

When the parade finally arrives, the Joker, his men, and Dooly successfully rob the fair, and when the Dynamic Duo arrives, they attempt to hide in a parade float displaying an enormous bag of potatoes. It is subsequently revealed that the gag involves a sewer directly beneath the float, through which the crooks intend to escape, leaving Batman "holding the bag". Batman, however, figures the "gag" out, and is able to capture Dooly, as well as recover the spoils.

Meanwhile, the Joker throws a fit in his hideout at how Dooly's slowness had ruined the entire gag and made him look bad. Subsequently, he decides to try out the gag that a man named Hibbs wrote, which he proclaims will "make jackasses out of Batman and Robin". Once more, the Joker sends his threat to the police station, and proceeds to rob a camera company using special cameras that spew knockout gas.

The robbery is a success, but Hibbs purposely trips the alarm before they leave. As soon as Batman and Robin enter the company, they are suddenly trapped on all sides by a raging inferno, created by burning film. The Joker, taunting them through a high window, tosses down two fireproof suits for them to wear - that also happen to be jackass costumes. Left with no choice but to wear the suits, Batman and Robin escape the burning building, endure the laughter of various Gotham citizens, and chase after the Joker. Though the Harlequin of Hate and his men get away once again, Hibbs (and the cash) does not.

At his hideout, the Joker is informed that the third writer he chose had quit after he saw what happened to Dooly and Hibbs. Disgusted, the Joker is suddenly struck by another stroke of inspiration - Batman is more clever than all of them, so why not have him be his gag writer? The very next day, the Joker runs a notice in the newspaper that he has retracted his offer - he has already set his sights on Batman as his gag writer. A few nights later, the Joker and his men attack the Gotham State fair, causing Batman and Robin to come to the rescue.

Despite Batman's warnings that the entire affair may be a trap, Robin is captured by the Joker (who had sent a decoy into the Tunnel of Love to distract Batman). Soon after, the Joker sends a note to the police station for Batman to meet him alone at the corner of Main and 12th, sending Robin's utility belt as proof that he had captured him. When Batman arrives, the Joker shows him the captive Robin, and demands that Batman write a suitable gag which will both give him money and make a fool out of himself - or Robin will die.

After a full night of brainstorming, Batman come up with a gag that delights the Joker - a robbery on the Gotham Chewing Gum Company, which will be topped off by sticking Batman to the wall with an enormous wad of gum. As the caper concludes, however, Batman suddenly turns the tables by dumping an enormous vat of gum on the Joker and the men that he had brought along. Furious, the Joker declares that his remaining men would murder Robin as soon as they found out.

To his surprise, however, the doors of the building burst open, revealing Robin, several policemen, and the rest of the Joker's men in cuffs. Batman then explains that Robin had already figured out a way to escape from his cell, and conveyed his method and how long it would probably take to Batman by blinking in Morse Code. Robin then takes over from here, explaining that he escaped by scraping off the soles of his rubber boots and using them as suction cups to scale the wall of the cell and escape out the window. The story concludes with Robin contemplating using the jackass costumes as part of a prank on Alfred, and Batman quipping that "one Joker in Gotham is plenty".