Batman 365
Batman #365
Publication Information
Published November 1983
Executive Editor Jenette Khan
Cover Artist(s) Ed Hannigan; Don Newton (Inside art)
Writer(s) Doug Moench
Inker(s) Alfredo Alcala
Letterer(s) John Costanza
Editor(s) Len Wein
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Batman #365 is an American comic book, released in November of 1983.



The story opens in the village of Mixteca, in the country of Guatemala. Reporter Vicki Vale is gathering information about rumors of Communist Cubans shipping weapons to Guatemalan rebels, and spots a suspicious-looking truck. After she takes several pictures, a band of rebels suddenly ambush the truck, forcing its driver out and transferring the crates aboard to a new fleet of trucks. As the new fleet of trucks leave the village, Vicki (in disguise) stows away onto the truck, believing that this is all a part of something bigger than just weapon shipments.

Briefly, the story cuts to Bruce Wayne and Jason Todd (not yet Robin), who discuss the capture of The Chimera (Detective Comics #531) on the train back to Gotham. Jason then changes the subject to Bruce's promise that he would be able to fight alongside Batman, to which Bruce internally questions his own motivations for agreeing. The story then cuts back to Vicki, now deep in the Guatemalan jungle. She notices that the trucks are going into an ancient Mayan pyramid, and realizes that there is a secret headquarters underneath the pyramid. Before she can do anything, however, the light of a flashlight suddenly shines on her, followed by the pointing of several guns at her.

The story then cuts to a hospital in Gotham, where detective Harvey Bullock is profusely apologizing to Commissioner Gordon (incapacitated by a stroke). Bullock states that "That last stunt about Batman bein' dead? That was Mayor Hill's idea, not mine", that very prank apparently being what gave Gordon the stroke in the first place. Once more, the story cuts back to Vicki, now tossed into a dungeon beneath the pyramid. Vicki recalls the "search" that the guards did on her - they had failed to even take away the pen and paper in her pockets.

While Vicki writes an S.O.S. (doing her best to look discreet), the story cuts to the soldier in charge of monitoring her, along with his unknown boss (whom he refers to as "El Jefe"). "El Jefe" comments on how "where there's a Vicki Vale, there is soon a Batman to follow", and states that it is time to make "preparations". By now, Vicki is finished writing her S.O.S. note, just in time for the man delivering her supper to arrive. While the man's back is turned, Vicki knocks him out and escapes.

The reporter is greeted by not only sunlight, but a multitude of tourists surrounding the pyramid. Unfortunately for her, none of them speak English, and she is soon recaptured by her captors. She is, however, able to toss her S.O.S. to a Japanese tourist, who does not understand what it says, but does understand Vicki's predicament. Five minutes later, one of the men who re-captured Vicki reports to "El Jefe", revealing that having her deliver the note was all part of the plan.

Meanwhile, Bruce and Jason have finally returned to Wayne Manor, only to find a note from Alfred that he is "Away on personal matter". Before they have time to further analyze the note, Bruce receives a call from Barbara Gordon, who informs them of Commissioner Gordon's stroke. As Bruce and Jason rush the the hospital, they are greeted by Harvey Bullock, who informs them of the Japanese tourist in Guatemala and the note he received from Vicki.

Later that night, Bruce flies to Guatemala as Batman, denying Jason's request to come along. When Jason brings up the promise, Bruce responds that he would keep it next time a case comes up in Gotham. Five hours later, Batman arrives at the ruins of Zyanya in the Batplane - the only spot that matches Vicki's description of "fifty or sixty miles from Mixteca". As soon as he steps out of the cockpit, however, several laser sights shine on his body, followed by the sound of automatic gunfire.

In the ensuing scuffle, Batman is able to shake the gunmen, but has destroyed the Batplane in the process of doing so. He then makes for the pyramid through the jungle, encountering a mine-ridden trail and hostile natives in the process. By the time he reaches the pyramid, he has deduced the whole thing to be a trap, but Vicki's capture is still very real. The Dark Knight fights off a pack of jaguars at the pyramid's entrance, decoys all but one of the guards, and fearlessly plunges into the pyramid... only to be greeted by a lair of lunacy, a bound-and-gagged Vicki Vale, several more armed guards, and "El Jefe" himself - the Joker.

The story is continued in Detective Comics #532.